STOP Unnecessary Waste Now!


In the world of electrical energy, electric motors account for 45% of the energy used globally compared to 19% for lighting. Many motors and motor controls are over designed to cope with the dynamics of the system, deterioration of the machinery or equipment inefficiencies and changes in ambient conditions. The processes in many industrial settings and across multiple business sectors is not optimised for performance which in turn leads to energy wastage. Many industrial processes are working inefficiently generating waste at levels from 20% to 65%.

In order to achieve a quantifiable result without sacrificing performance we make it our goal to understand our customers’ needs and requirements. Then through logging and calculations we determine the best course of action for saving energy. We only use power meters for logging which record the actual power used by a process. From the surveys we aim to deliver an installation within 7 days to start savings money and energy as soon as possible. Our team has perfected our product and service offering to deliver: –

  • tangible energy savings up to 60%
  • tangible waste reductions
  • optimised performance of existing motors and drives
  • an extension to the life cycles of motors and drives
  • minimising environmental impacts.

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