Payback by Advantage Control

Paybacks within 1- 2 years!

Energy Costs reduced Immediately!

Applying ABB inverter technology to save energy is something we have been doing for over 20 years. We have saved clients a wide range of their energy costs. Typical paybacks are between 1-2 years. Percentage savings vary from 10% to over 80%!!
As Energy costs have almost tripled since 2000, the interest from clients has done also. New government charges have almost been forgotten, we still all pay the Climate Change Levy, CCL, in our energy bills in business. This money is being used to fund investment in Energy Saving technologies such as Inverter Drives and is delivered back to you via the ECA scheme.

AND the Government will help you invest in new technology.

With Enhanced Capital Allowances available you can claim the full amount of your investment, including installation and cabling costs, against your tax in the first year giving you a 26%* contribution to your project. This accelerates the payback period for your business and allows you to enjoy the Energy Saving and cost benefits so much quicker.
payback example

Please take a look some amazed customers.

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