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Advantage Control are Specialists in DC/AC Conversion?

We have helped many Plastic Extrusion Companies who were using DC systems save thousands in energy costs, reduced running costs, reduced maintenance costs and increased flexibility through a DC to AC energy conversion.

Why you may want to consider change?

In the Plastic Extrusion market, using DC equipment was once the only option for high level speed control needed for Plastic extrusion. Annual inspection costs and spares can become expensive for your maintenance teams.Modern AC technology has now caught up, and ABB AC Drives and Motors can deliver the precision speed control you need without the need for these costly maintenance chores and without the need for encoder feedback.

Who can help?
As your local Drives specialists, Advantage Control can offer you a free Energy Consultation to show you just what you would be saving were you to install the latest AC Variable Speed Drive (VSD) and latest efficiency Motors technology to regulate the energy consumption of your processes.

Our Process – Your Solution
As a dynamic and experienced engineered solutions provider, we have developed a seamless process for conversion of existing DC equipment to the latest AC Motor and ABB AC Variable Speed technology.

It’s not just the lower capital costs of an AC system compared to a DC system that makes conversion attractive, there are other issues too. AC technology is more efficient than DC and through greater efficiency comes lower running costs and far less annual maintenance required.
There’s no need for annual replacement of brushes, filters or oil, no Commutator or wear checks and no need to stock spares.

With AC variable speed control, you will only consume the energy that the process actually requires. Heat loss is dramatically reduced, motors and pumps are slowed to an electronically controlled speed and they are also soft started and stopped. There are good space and noise savings too and the efficiency of your process is generally increased.
Typically, converting from DC technology to AC will save your process 20-30% in energy consumption. The conversion not only changes the active motors to AC but also the controlling variable speed drives.

Quick Paybacks and the Government will help
Investment costs are virtually self-financing. The monies saved from the reduction in energy
consumption can in most cases result in payback times of less than 2 years. You may also be eligible for 100% enhanced capital allowance under the government scheme which could reduce payback times further. See
The cost of your whole project is covered by the ECA Scheme, Material Installation and commissioning. We can show you how

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Plastics Company Notice Reduced Maintenance Costs Following DC to AC Conversion

Plastics Company Notice Reduced Maintenance Costs Following DC to AC Conversion

A local plastics company noticed that the wear and tear on their DC motor was significantly high and was leading to expensive maintenance costs and so they contacted Advantage Control to discuss an AC solution.