Six Step Plan

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Advantage Control in conjunction with ABB has formulated an easy to follow, proven approach to guide you through the energy savings maze.

Our Energy Appraisal Process
The Six Step Plan takes account of the most recent product developments, as well as the latest government legislation ~ see, to ensure you get the greatest advantage from every pound you spend on energy reduction.
The Six Step Plan provides you with an easy to follow project framework in 6 primary stages:
Step 1: The Appraisal   
Our authorised application engineers visit you facility making a detailed inventory of your site assets logging energy consumed and noting equipment condition

Step 2: Appraisal analysis and potential saving
Our authorised service engineers will analyse the information gathered and calculate any potential savings for the equipment we have surveyed. The applications that will not work for you will also be highlighted

Step 3: Executive report and call to action
Our authorised service engineers will recommend and present an action plan for you in the form of an executive summary identifying where initially the greatest savings can be made.

Step 4: Demonstrate the proof
We will present and share with you case studies from previous installations similar to yours that demonstrate the benefits and energy saving results that can be achieved.

Step 5: Installation and log results
On your instruction we will install the correct equipment on you site for you. Our authorised service engineers will use the latest state of the art power analysers and ABB software to record the actual energy used and contrast against our predicted results.

Step 6: Confirmation of projected saving and claiming of available grant moneys
In conclusion, we confirm in a final report your payback time, annual savings and reduction in energy used ready for your to claim Enhanced Capital Allowances, ECA and or grants available from the Sustainable Energy fund.

In many cases our Customers are savings significant moneys with typical paybacks times from 6 months to 2 years.
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