Try Before You Buy

Ever considered hiring variable speed drives?

There are many compelling reasons why you may not have considered it viable. Why should you when buying products outright is the traditional way you have always done things?

Our ABB DriveHire service is available across Ireland.

But it may be time to think again. Today, there are some very good reasons why hiring could be the most cost-effective business decision you make all year. There are more reasons than ever before to consider hiring drives.

Try Before you Buy – See energy savings first on YOUR Site!

  • Identify energy savings before making a decision to purchase with our unique try before you buy service – reduces risk of investing in a new, unproven application

Don’t waste ££££s on the wrong equipment – by hiring your drives you can make sure you get it right first time!

Advantage Control’s Try Before You Buy Scheme allows you to establish the benefits of variable speed drives on your plant. you can test a drive out and see for yourself the energy and CO2 saving benefits before committing to capital purchase

Our scheme is so simple

We help you identify a suitable application, usually one that is currently operating at fixed speed and often with mechanical damping in place. We then fit energy logging equipment to determine the actual power being consumed by that application. An ABB drive is then installed, on hire, and the power consumption is once again monitored. You have Before and After. True Blue Peter. Our Six Step Energy Plan report will show you:

  • How much Money you have saved Annually
  • The Payback time over Investment
  • Your Eligibility for ECA grants for total package
  • The total amount of CO2 saved

We are so confident in the products we supply that we are happy for you to “try before you buy”, so you can see the energy savings for yourself before you commit to buy.
Contact one of our team and take the first steps towards saving money and cutting energy consumption.

Call us on 02844 613 782 today and start saving tomorrow!