The AC500 eCo range of programmable logic controllers deliver the power when required to ensure your project stays on target within budget.  The time has come to change – for more.

More Memory
The AC500 eCo boasts a greater memory capacity than any comparable PLC on the market today. With 128kB of memory for programming the programming limits have been redrawn. The modules also benefit from an SD card module (available as an option) which provides a method for program uploads and for data logging.

More Speed
With a processing time of just 0.08µs/instruction the ABB AC500 eCo delivers performance for your applications.

More Communication
The communication of the ABB AC500 eCo is supplied with on-board Ethernet making communication simple.  The Ethernet models have a web browser facility allowing real-time information to be displayed to a remote location via the existing network.

More Programming Comfort
The AC500 eCo PLC range are programmed using ABB Project Builder which incorporates CoDeSys programming environments.  With 6 programming languages  codesysincluding ladder logic and sequential function blocks, programming comfort is guaranteed.

More Flexibility
It is possible to configure analogue inputs on the CPU PM564 as digital inputs making a versatile solution in a single PLC package.

More Support
Support for the AC500 eCo is available 24/7 via an ABB dedicated hotline.

To find out more about the ABB AC500 eCo PLC, contact us now.