ABB Power Quality

ABB PQF active filters are the ultimate answer to tough Power Quality problems caused by harmonics, load unbalance and reactive power demand.
Advantage Control can apply ABB PQF active filters to small, medium or large applications and are suitable for both industrial and commercial installations in LV networks. They can also be employed in MV networks through the use of a coupling transformer.
Poor power quality can  cause –

  • reduced energy efficiency due to harmonics in the network
  • overheating of cables, switchgear, motors and transformers
  • damage to sensitive electronic equipment
  • tripping of circuit breakers and blowing fuses
  • premature ageing of the installation
  • capacitor overloading and failures
  • high current in neutral conductors
  • excitation of network resonance
  • penalties from the utility company if harmonic levels are too high.

The ABB PQF Range provides innovative solutions to actively clean the supply from harmonics, to produce smooth reactive power compensation and carry out load balancing. This feature is useful on a 4-wire system in particular as it allows for the much needed reduction of neutral to earth voltages.  The PQF is not susceptible to large network impedance changes due to for example, paralleling of sources, or switching the mains supply to a generator power source.  It monitors the line current continuously processing the measured harmonics as digital signals utilising a high power processor) based system.  The PQF also offers communication facilities.  Depending on your communication network, different solutions are available ranging from several digital I/O contacts to an optional Modbus RTU communication interface.
Key product features and benefits:

  • ABB active filters
  • Have unprecedented filtering efficiency thanks to the unique closed loop control system and individual harmonic selection capability.
  • Can perform stepless reactive power compensation of both inductive and capacitive loads.
  • Can perform load balancing in both 3- and 4-wire systems.
  • Raise system reliability to unprecedented levels thanks to full redundancy functionality. Are designed with the end customer in mind.

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PQFM Range

The PQFM active filters are the ideal solution for medium scale industrial three wire applications. They can be obtained both as a free standing cubicle with limited footprint and as an IP00 plate to be readily used by panel builders and system integrators


PQFS Range

The PQFS is the ABB compact solution for commercial, residential and light industrial applications for installations with or without neutra