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T-T Electric manufactures a comprehensive range of top-quality industrial DC motors and AC motors, offering cost-effective and innovative solutions for all industrial environments, and providing extensive maintenance and repair services.

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T-T, formerly Thrige-Titan, are a world-class manufacturer of top-quality industrial dc motors with production and sales companies in 5 European countries. Founded over 100 years ago and pioneers in the industry, T-T are an experienced and established manufacturer, setting the standards for excellence in the industry that you demand

A comprehensive and cost-effective range of standard-setting dc motors are in operation all over the world. They are used in the toughest of application environments and in all industrial segments.

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AC AMP Motors up to 187kW

T-T ELECTRIC proposes a series of square frame ac motors for variable speed drives applications. This asynchronous motor has been developed and designed to achieve the same dynamic performance as or DC motors series.


DMP DC Motors up to 250kW

DMP d.c. motors are fully laminated, 2 or 4 pole, square frame.
Output: 1-200 kW
Torque: 5-1000 Nm


LAK2000 DC Motors up to 20kW

LAK 2080-2132 d.c. motors are fully laminated, 2 pole design.
Output: 0.5-20 kW
Torque: 4-75 Nm


LAK4000 DC Motors Up to 250kW

LAK 4000 d.c. motors are fully laminated, 4 pole, square frame.
Output: 7-500 kW
Torque: 40-4500 Nm


LAKC Compensated DC Motors Frames 355 – 560 up to 2000kW

The LAKC motor range of d.c. motors are fully laminated with compensated shunt windings and comprises 4, and 6
pole machines.
Output : 300 - 1300 kW
Torque : 4000 - 23000 Nw


Mill Duty Motors up to 187kW

T-T Electric proposes a series of Mill Duty DC motors between 7.5 and 187 kW (10 – 250 HP) in A.I.S.E. frame sizes 802 to 818.