The Challenge

To protect your plant and process from the unknown. As a Variable Speed Drive user some of your equipment is dependent on the efficient running of your Drives. But what if there were a problem, would you be covered?

What would happen if one of my Variable Speed Drives failed?

A Drive failure could result in a production failure, it can be that simple. But the question is, what would you do about it? Sure you could get a quick replacement using our DriveUpGrade service, but would you have all of the correct settings and parameters ready and waiting to get the Drive up and running?

What details would I need if I replaced a Variable Speed Drive?

Every plant and process are different. Some Drives need more information than others to allow them to operate at optimum efficiency, but all Drives need data. There are a multitude of software parameters, serial numbers and plant/process descriptions required.

How long would it take to find and input these details?

Put simply, how long is a piece of string? It’s dependent on the individual application, but one thing’s for certain, if you don’t have them readily available, downtime will be extended in the event of a problem.

Where would they be kept?

When your Drives were initially commissioned, all of these details should have been documented for future use. All Drive updates should have been logged when plant/process changes were made. These key documents are often kept with the Drive itself or within large maintenance files.

What if we don’t have the Drive settings or they are out of date?

If the Drive parameters are misplaced or out of date, when the time comes for a replacement, you could be left with some expensive downtime. Our team can re-program your products and have your process running perfectly – but it can take considerably longer to do so.

I know where the details for my Drives are, but I’m not sure what to do with them

Having all your Drive’s details in one place is best practice, and will save valuable time in the event of an emergency, but is there anybody onsite that will know how to re-program a new product quickly and efficiently?

drive care stop

The Solution

Simple; DriveCare. It’s a bit like a dynamic insurance plan for the data controlling your AC Variable Speed Drives, designed to prevent downtime of each and every one within your plant or process.

We’ve got you covered

drive care covered

Downtime is one of the largest threats to any production process. DriveCare gives you total peace of mind.  The service provides backup of all essential data. During commissioning, a backup is made of all software parameters, serial numbers and plant descriptions, which is then stored remotely on our own secure servers.

There’s no need to go trawling through maintenance files or other documentation at those critical moments, when time is of the essence.

We can even take ‘off-the-shelf Drives’ and restore all the software parameters before replacing it on your site, keeping any possible downtime to the absolute minimum.

Planned Maintenance

We offer a range of services whereby we visit your plant periodically and thoroughly inspect your AC Drive products. Not only do DriveCare users qualify for preferential rates, but the chances of unexpected Drive failure are considerably reduced thanks to a careful monitoring system.

Plant Catalogue

All Drives and Motors can be logged into a complete plant-wide catalog, providing immediate access to the data settings for those products that need to be maintained, UpGraded or replaced.

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