Drive Training

Investing in drive training improves your productivity!
Throughout the value chain, from pre-purchase to replacement and recycling of a drive, Advantage Control and ABB offer product, application and general technical training both in classrooms and over the Internet.

Advantage Control offer dedicated training facilities, and bespoke training is available to cover all aspects of ABB Drive product portfolio familiarisation.
Training typically comprises theoretical presentations and hands-on exercises.

Examples of training topics include product features, applications, installation and startup procedures, programming, PC tools, maintenance and fault finding.
Your Choice of training facilities

You can choose to undertake your training at our Downpatrick Office training facility which is easily accessible in County Down serving all of Ireland just 30 minutes from Belfast.


Onsite Training
You may wish to hold the training in house. This is available and we will provide all materials required.

Overview of Training
Our course objective is to introduce your engineers, both electrical and mechanical, to Variable Speed Drives technology and applications.
Our training is aimed at giving you an insight into how to get the best from the drives you have already on site. The training is focused around practical ‘hands on’ exercises where engineers become familiar with VSD’s using a demonstration case containing an ABB VSD and motor, and a simulated I/O control panel. This delivers a working knowledge of the ABB drive keypad and what to do under fault conditions.

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Drive Training

Typical variable Speed Drive Training Agenda
What is a Variable Speed drive?
What components make up a VSD, How does a VSD control motor speed?

Installation ‘Best Practice’
Covering topics such as fusing, cabling, cooling, Earthing and EMC.

Motor Suitability
Covering topics such as types of load, over-speeding of motors, motor connections, motor insulation and bearings currents.

Energy saving applications
How VSD’s can be used to save energy through correct control and looking at the difference in efficiency betweenold and new VSD’s. Discover the unique FLUX OPTIMISATION effect

Practical exercises
What is the VSD capable of? Covering an explanation of the parameter groupings and programming of the VSD. Practical exercises include looking at the standard Severn Trent Water ‘Hand/Auto’ macro

Basic Faultfinding
How we can test the VSD components with a basic multi-meter. How we can prove the external I/O of the VSD system

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