ServicePLAN: ABB Drive Services & Repairs

Welcome to our ServicePLAN area

Services for all ABB drive series are based on the ABB drive lifecycle management model. With complete lifecycle support, you will always be aware of the support plans of your valuable assets.

Life cycle management
Advantage Control and ABB follows a four-phase model for managing the life cycles of its drives. The life cycle phases are active, classic, limited and obsolete. The services offering is defined for every drive separately. The availability of individual services depends on the drive’s life cycle phase.

ABB Drive Lifecycle

The four-phase drive life cycle management model provides customers with a transparent method for managing their investment in drives. In each phase, customers clearly see what life cycle services are available, and more importantly, what services are not available. Decisions on upgrading, retrofitting or replacing drives can be made with confidence.

Your ServicePLAN Services

  •     Installation and commissioning
  •     Maintenance
  •     Replacements
  •     Repairs
  •     Spares and consumables
  •     Extensions, upgrades and retrofit
  •     Service agreements
  •     End of life services

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